Inventory of any object, it is always a long and tedious process. However, it is inevitable when you have to get it all kinds of changes. The scale of the problem only increases when the object is going to be somehow modernized or renovated or expanded, it is a historic building, which in any way cannot harm.

"Analog" inventory, carries many dangers. Not only causes significant loss of time that you have to spend a large amount on meeting the dimensions of the object, but also incurs considerable imprecision and inaccuracy, and sometimes irregularity in measurements. At that point, when we want to make the investment process has remained steadfast and run without any major slowdowns, the ideal solution seems to be a 3D laserscanning, which is ideal for the measurement of the XXI century. Due to the sufficient number of measuring points, which used the term "cloud point" is achieved spatial representation of the surface of the object. The technology is able to raise millions of 3D points through recordings of XYZ coordinates and parameters of the intensity of the reflection. So acquired data can be imported into applications such as CAD or BIM and be freely processed as a point cloud.

Laser scanners are used in measurement and design of industrial installations whose complexity is so great, that the measurement using classical methods do not bring the desired effect. Also, the underground workings (mines, tunnels), their use makes it easier to acquire the maximum of information. Laser scanning becomes a competitive method for photogrammetric measurements of ground, where the process of development is expensive and lengthy.

What laserscanning gives you?


As a result, you are able to devote more time to design process.


Scanning is a very precise process. Each iteration of our, is carefully checked, that the customer was satisfied with the result.


We work in a 3D system, we are able to prepare the necessary primers material for CAD and BIM as directed by the client.

Who should use our 3D Laserscanning Services?




3D designers/modelers






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