ONE software
for ALL point clouds
We are an authorized PointCab dealer and specialist. We are pleased that we can support the development of this software, creating a Polish localization for professionals in our country. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Automated functions

Floor plans and sections are created while uploading. Vectorization, profile lines, volumes, meshes and more.

Extremely fast

No point cloud software that we know leads to results as quickly as PointCab.

Minimal file sizes

Radical point cloud reduction while maintaining accuracy


Document your data on laptop, tablet PC, Mac, network or web.

This is what PointCab does for you!


architects and civil engineers

territory and landscape planners

plant designers

monument conservationists

craft enterprises

forensic experts

for all point clouds created by terrestrial laser scanners

mobile mapping

airborne scanning and handheld scanners

Registering scanning data from any device

Simple to operate and highly accurate, for merging point clouds from all scanners from 2 to 1,000 scans and more.

Results in a single step automatically

Reads point cloud data faster and produce initial standard views in fully automatic operation. Compare that to other systems!

Performing effective 3D modeling for buildings

With CAD plug-ins, perform modeling in CAD without laborious point cloud import. Compare with other software!

PointCab apps for FARO Scene

Additional functions and improve­ments for registration and refe­rencing with FARO Scene. Better software for surveyors!

Would you like to learn more?

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